Co-Curricular Transcript

Welcome to Mercer's Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) system. Mercer University recognizes that student involvement and the leadership experiences you have outside of the classroom can be just as important to your future as the academic experiences you have inside the classroom. This site is designed to track students' work outside the academic curriculum in order to produce a transcript record for potential employers and graduate schools.

Because the university can not possibly track and verify all student activities, information contained in the co-curricular transcript is limited to the four areas identified below. Individual students can only enter information about their community service and fundraising commitments (to be later verified by the university). All other information (organizational membership, university awards, and university-related leadership positions) is entered for you as described below.

For answers to basic questions about the co-curricular transcript see the FAQ link above or contact the Director of Campus Life and Student Involvement at 301-2868.

Information we collect

  • Student Organization Membership/Leadership - The University recognizes involvement in student organizations and tracks membership and the following four standard leadership positions: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. This information is entered by the president of each student organization.
  • University Awards - Each year the University gives out numerous student awards at events such as the Honors Convocation and the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony. These awards are entered each by the Office of Campus Life.
  • University-Related Leadership - Specific campus leadership positions, such as Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, Mercer Ambassadors, SGA Senators, and QuadWorks positions are entered into CCT. These positions will be entered by the university staff person responsible for the position.
  • Community Service and Fundraising - Community service and fundraising activities are included on your CCT. These commitments are self-reported by students. Keep in mind that these entries will not automatically appear on your CCT because the Office of Campus Life will need to verify all submissions with the specific community organization or agency. Log your service hours >

Individual Students

Visit MY CCT to view more information about the activities you have received credit for. You can also submit requests for community service or fund raising here as well.

Student Organizations